By Kim Moutsospublished March 29,2019

5 (More) Secrets of Great Storytellers

You know you're in the presence of gifted storytellers by the things they make you feel.Anticipation.Surprise.Awe.Anger.Joy.Sadness.Fear.Relief.Nostalgia.Determination.And – when you can break from their spell for a moment – sheer admiration for their craft.

Some people seem to have a knack for it.The rest of us have to work at it,right?

Here's a secret: Even the most seemingly effortless storytellers work for it,training formally,studying storytellers they admire,or perfecting the tale by telling it again and again at conferences,dinner tables,or campfires.

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By Mike Murraypublished March 28,2019

57+ Tools,Tips,and Examples to Make Your Writing Better

Editor's note: You can't have too many tips and tools to improve and inspire your writing.That's why we've updated this article from a few years ago with new examples and some new tools.

Writing isn't an easy task.Whether you craft words for B2B or B2C audiences,the challenges can be many.I've created a diverse set of tips,tools,and 必威足球resources to aid in shaping and modifying your work.

It's not an exhaustive collection.Some ideas may seem familiar.Some will be fresh.My hope is that you'll walk away with some insights or newtoolsto help address or minimize thecontent creationchallenges you face.

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By Barry Feldmanpublished March 27,2019

The Easy A-to-Z Guide to Writing Great Headlines [Infographic]

By Daniel Hochulipublished March 26,2019

Get to Your Audience's Core: Know Their Content Intent

By Jodi Harrispublished March 25,2019

How to Avoid Getting Stranded on the Road to Social Success [Examples]

By Dennis Shiaopublished March 22,2019

Client and Content Agency Share Insider Tips to Successful Relationship

By Inna Yatsynapublished March 21,2019

What the H?How to Make Your Tags Matter in SEO

By Grant Polachekpublished March 20,2019

Need a New Web Domain?Read this First

By Shane Barkerpublished March 19,2019

Calculate Your Influencer Marketing ROI in 5 Steps

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