ByRobert Rose发表August 7, 2020

How Are Marketers Embracing the Chaos? [The Weekly Wrap]

This week, Robert Rose finally accepts the chaos. He ponders wanting to do something meaningful but not wanting to start something meaningful. He chats with this week’s person in content marketing about the new importance of content.继续阅读

ByRobert Rose发表2020年7月31日

Wants vs. Needs: Is the Debate Even Necessary? [The Weekly Wrap]

This week, Robert Rose asks why anyone needs content marketing, talks about businesses making it rain for content marketers, and discusses culture in content. Plus, he shares an oldie but a goodie on 10 ways to do engaging content.继续阅读

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ByRobert Rose发表2020年7月17日

Celebrate the Diversity of Purpose and the Purpose of Diversity [The Weekly Wrap]

This week, Robert Rose talks about the long game on purpose and with this week’s person making a difference in content marketing about everything from the Facebook boycott to why representation matters as much in marketing as media.继续阅读

ByRobert Rose发表July 10, 2020

The Bad News (and the Good) About 2020 [The Weekly Wrap]


ByRobert Rose发表2020年7月3日

Are You Squeezing Out All the Big Ideas and Great People? [The Weekly Wrap]


ByRobert Rose发表June 26, 2020

Do You Know Flat-Earth Marketers? [The Weekly Wrap]

This week, Robert Rose ponders flat-earth marketing. He talks with A. Lee Judge about whether marketing is keeping its fair share of budget, and all things video. Plus, he points to an article on when to make –and break – content rules.继续阅读

ByRobert Rose发表2020年6月19日

Are You Measuring the Right Things? [The Weekly Wrap]

This week, Robert Rose wonders if we’re measuring the right things, talks about stay-at-home trends that Google thinks will stick, and contemplates if engagement really is a valuable metric.继续阅读

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ByRobert Rose发表May 29, 2020

Bounce Back? Nope. What You Should Prepare For Now [The Weekly Wrap]