ByRobert Rose发表2020年8月3日


Content marketing is not dead. And it’s not better than sliced bread. Nope. Content marketing is a multiplier. And that makes it a great reason for you to play a true leadership role in broader marketing planning. Let us explain.

ByLesley Vos发表2020年7月29日

You May be Undermining Your Content Marketing

Content marketers know the positive power of cognitive biases – how systematic and unconscious mental-processing influences people’s decisions. But we don’t think about how our biases can be a disadvantage. Let’s explore.继续阅读


Is It Time to Add a New Definition for Content Marketing?

Is it time to add a definition to the content marketing entry? A. Lee Judge says yes. He says it’s no longer enough to market with content, you must understand how to market the content.继续阅读

ByJodi Harris发表2020年7月23日

Make a Mission Statement for Better Content Marketing


ByRobert Rose发表July 22, 2020


If people aren’t destined to become buyers, why should you care about them consuming your content? Because the audience journey can be one of the most valuable assets you manage. Now, learn the three laws of audience motion.继续阅读

ByAnn Gynn发表July 20, 2020

How to Create a Not-Awkward Personalization Strategy


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ByJodi Harris发表June 25, 2020


我们不能提供一个神奇的公式,保证内容营销的成功。但是,我们可以帮助您创建成功的优势 - 内容的营销策略。让这个过程中你指导的这一坚实基础。继续阅读

ByRobert Rose发表June 15, 2020


Your marketing database is NOT your audience. It has a different value. Explore what an audience really is, why it’s valuable to your brand, and how to build one.继续阅读

ByKim Moutsos发表June 11, 2020

15 Resources to Help You Check Your Content Marketing Now

About three months ago, CMI began sharing ideas to help you adjust your content marketing in light of the pandemic’s impact. Now, we pull together 15 of those resources in a single article to help you reorient your content marketing.