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Integrate is a demand marketing solution that helps B2B marketers across the world earn greater value from their demand and revenue generation efforts.

The Integrate Demand Cloud unifies and streamlines all lead and engagement data through our Data Acceleration Platform. That platform processes, validates and standardizes all of the data, so it’s highly accurate and intelligent. As a result, our customers are able to quickly turn marketing investments into revenue. In 2019, we helped our top 20 customers generate more than $1 trillion in pipeline using Integrate’s Demand Cloud and solutions set.

Your Guide to Content Syndication Success

Content syndication doesn’t succeed on great content alone. Nor does it succeed simply by getting great content in front of the right buyers. To be a content syndication master requires designing, streamlining, and authoritatively guiding multiple facets of each phase.

At Integrate, we tapped our own experts and consulted with B2B marketers to produce a comprehensive and practical guide to content syndication. We’ve broken the content into easy-to-digest phases that are loaded with strategies, lists, frameworks, and tools across the full content syndication spectrum. As a result, you will gain control and drive greater results from your content syndication efforts and investment.

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The Hidden Costs of a Bad Lead – Roundtable

Bad leads damage more than just revenue. They diminish organizational trust and weaken down funnel programs before they even begin.

Join leading marketersToni Schmelzle, Senior Marketing Manager at SAP Concur,Marina Lemas, Integrated Demand Marketer at Gigamon,Kristy Murphy, Senior Marketing Manager, Demand Generation at Verizon along withFrannie Danzinger销售副总裁的整合,因为他们讨论:

  • 如何浏览的压力,以满足领先指标在不牺牲质量
  • What makes a Good and Bad Lead in 2020
  • Strategies to eliminate Bad Leads
  • 这一切意味着什么市场营销和销售定位

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CMOs Guide to Events and Trade Shows – 2020 Edition

Updated and improved to help Senior B2B Marketers through the current challenging times and prepare for the event filled second half of 2020.

Includes a new section covering:

  • Planning & Strategy
  • Budget & Resources
  • 玩到游戏长


Avoid The Pitfalls of Content Syndication

Successful content syndication campaigns require robust planning and meticulous execution. When strategically executed, they deliver contacts at your ideal customer profile organizations not yet exposed to your brand, attracting high-quality buyers, open to your message. Join us to learn how leading marketers avoid common pitfalls across planning, managing, delivering and measuring content syndication campaigns.

We will cover how to avoid common mistakes so you can:

  • Identify the right audience from the beginning
  • Select the right content for syndication
  • Go beyond email nurture
  • Deliver campaigns that convert to revenue


How to Power Your MarTech Strategy & Stack for Journey Orchestration


  • Navigate the buyer and market changes holding many B2B marketing teams back
  • Shift from a marketing automation to an orchestration strategy
  • Get on the right path to manage expectations and deliver against increasing growth numbers

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